Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Dust settled for ages
even when dressed in
best of the best clothes
in the makeup of
expectations and expressions
all in perfect place, shape and size
they forget to see the mirror
and at times
they stand infront of that dusty mirror
where dirt has made its haven.

They put efforts
just to carry
and make
no efforts for
little dusting of the mirror.

They come
just do nothing
take off dust and dirt
show you your own mirror
your own precious possessions
and you see
your own face
which looks much different
from its earlier avtar of being haven
from its earlier reflections.

Does one really need
someone to come and
clear the mirror off dust and dirt
someone to
tell us
in which attire we look best
in which pose we look better?

we depend on someone
to come our way
and let us know that.

We need to stand up
move out
get a mirror
and carry it with us
every time
and keep looking at it
keep observing
how do I look better
can we change
that person in the mirror.

Everything depends
on how often we use mirror
how often we wipe it
(if we see the dust settling there)
how often we put efforts
to not allow any kind of dust
to get settled there.

Everything starts
with the man in the mirror
Everything improves
through the efforts
to see the mirror often
at times may be to allow others
to show us mirror.

They come and do nothing
Except showing us mirror
so lets carry it through
and start
the man in the mirror.

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