Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Stoicism at play
Beyond complacency and calculations
Divinity in domination
Nothingness non-existing
Flow beyond measure
Constant in speed and space
Consistently moving 
Forward or backward nobody knows
Efforts all in action
Results all monitored

Mind it, 
My name is Time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


कान कहते हैं आंख सुनती है
उनकी नज़रों की राह बुनती है
कृत्य पदचिन्ह छोड़ बढ़तेे हैं
उंगलियां छोड़ हाथ लड़ते हैं
उनके पलकों से रेत उड़ती है
और कंधों पे सेज सजती है
रीढ़ का दर्द मुझसे कहता है
'इतना क्यों मुझको यार सहता है'

रात के बाद सुबह होनी है
मुझको यह सोच आज बोनी है

Saturday, May 13, 2017

हमारे पूर्वज

हमने बनाया घर 

जंगलों में
उनके घर मे घुसकर
आक्रमण से
अपने सुंदर भविष्य हेतु

आज जब 
वे, हमारे पूर्वज माने जाने वाले
अपने घर मे प्रवेश 
करने का कर रहे हैं प्रयास
तो निषेधाज्ञा लगाई जा रही है

पहिया चल रहा है
खेल जारी है
अभी कई अध्याय लिखे जाने हैं

हम उनके घर में हैं
वे हमारे घर मे

We All Travel

We are all travellers
We all travel 
Distances, places and spaces

We travel through 
Air, river and road

We all travel through
Experiences, expectations and expansions

We travel through 
Outsmarting others 
at times get outsmarted

We travel through 
output and outcomes

Students travel through learning
Workers travel through work
Leaders travel through leading

Health enthusiasts travel through treadmill
Covering invisible distance

We are all travelers 
And we all need shadow
However shallow our interests be

Shadow We Need

Scenic, picturesque and serene
Coconut trees, grazing cattle

Well orchestrated dividers
Black top roads absorbing the sun
Presence of vernacular all around

Shadow we need
However shallow our interests be.


Pale, parsimonious and pampered
Ponds, plains and peels

Reassuring oneness 
Mosques, temples and churches

Shadow we need
However shallow our interests be


Bricks, bridges and beliefs
Sun, salt and sundry

Serving one taste
North, east and south

Shadow we need 
However shallow our interests be


Mango laden trees
Plantains in bloom

Smiling watermelons as if enjoying 
the sleep in the sun
Glassy constructions 
telling tales of modernity

Shadow we need
However shallow our interests be


Beaches, breaches and beacons
Sand, saplings and sundae

Free from French
Fermenting flavors

Shadow we need 
However shallow our interests be

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Will to Survive

[picture borrowed from Ms Babita Asthana's Facebook Wall]
Life torn into pieces
Flood Full of furies and frames
Testing their appetite to survive
Will to survive at any cost
Keeps their eyes occupied
Permutations and combinations
Possibilities and hope
Determination and drive
Scanning their brain waves

Sense of togetherness 
Energising them
Sense of expectation
Forcing them
Sense of existence
Reminding them

Thorns on the way
To better tomorrow
Shall surely lead them
To tackle
Complexities and 
Shall surely assure them

Living and 
Leading Life.


Water they say
Gives life
Water they say
Saves life

But we see
Taking lives
Destroying age old
Held beliefs
Between Water and Life.