Monday, October 1, 2018


After umpteen efforts 
to reconcile and reboot 
the (in)human system, 
with an expectation 
of better tomorrow 
and to set the things right 
with the 'may be' biased 
and believed reality, 
my altered ego began to burst 
and crumble 
before silly arguments 
and the future 
instead of getting better 
started to worsen. 

Rebooting at times 
doesn't help treat viruses. 
Positive efforts at times 
and culminate into 
unexpected outcomes.
Reprising doesn't help 
when uprising alarms 
and poorly designed dogmas 
get into 
renditioning panagyric hymes.

All the crumblings connive 
and portray palpable perfidy, 
ill intentioned effervescence, 
and inchoately sounding tunes 
for the dumb ears 
and for them
who had invested the fortune 
for poorly priced return.

Self-satisfying reprise, 
of the self, 
for the self, 
by the self.

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