Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yoga Yatra at NEHU

For the well-being of community
            peace in minds
            positivism in thoughts
            constructivism in action
neutralising expectations.

For the dreams of the future
to have better health
            - mental and physical
            - global, regional and local
humming sound of uuh, uuh, uuhs,,,
            hick, hick, hick, dhak dhak dhak
            and the music of birds' chirping
providing respiration...

Tomorrow of hope not fear
tomorrow of dream not sleep
tomorrow of action not just thoughts

Yoga helping us to shape ourselves better
            in body and soul
            to respond to actions better
            sharing melting bowl
Participants dropping and joining
symbolising dynamism and freedom

The kid's crawl
Going beyond community hall
making yoga present in school hall..

The kids murmuring,
            - pulling up
            - pushing down.

What a scene to watch
let them remember in their lives
they had yoga
while they were here
they can do better in their lives.

For making their dreams come true
            with a body fit
            soul ready
            mind open
we pray for their better future.

Why should they have a close shave
long live Baba Ram Dev....

vkshrotryia, 23 June 2010 (2nd day of Yoga Camp)
pictures courtesy: MP Pandey