Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ethics, Values and Business

Values, Business and Ethics
Raju and Raja played the tricks

Who is wrong and who is right
who gets the cake and who pays the price

Shuffling papers, shifting chairs
beyond values, get to the pairs

Business profit, profit business
compromising values beyond pareto hiss

Where is the heart and where is the conscience
where is the mind and where is the sense

we can talk, and talk and talk and talk
can we walk the talk and then we walk and talk and walk and talk

Ethics, Business and Values
Gandhi, CKP as Subhash views

Transforming minds, valued leaders
family, culture and self...cheerleaders

Heaven looks bad and hell looks good
shrinking mindsets, go for the good

Values fade and ethics cry
business earns with all that pry

What can we do?

All my kudos to U B S
All my cheers to U B S
All my greetings to U Me and Us
All of us wish for them and pray
Follow ethics, have strong value system.... U Me and They...

(Evening Class Auditorium, Panjab Univ, Chandigarh, 22 Dec 2010, 5:30 PM)