Monday, July 18, 2022


Memorising self 
Keeps the pictures
Safe in our cognition
Unsafe in our lockers
Yet Frames the prints
And the 
Experiencing self
Multiplies the effect
Through a vivid presence
Tears roll when
Experiencing self weds
With the memorising self
The brush fails to color
And the color begins to fade
It all keeps adding to the torso.

The owl in us
Still forces us to carry canon
And foolishly we keep clicking
Clicking till the battery lasts
Clicking till the memory finishes
That modern day Memory
With the bytes market decides
We keep clicking
And we keep forgetting
What we click

Clicking is mechanical
Feelings are humane

We need better machines
Or better humans
Human memory
Or the one in Bytes

Images matter
And so does memory

(9 am: Marriott to Airport in Banglore: 17.07.2022)

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