Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Cotton patches
Trying to kiss the sky
And the eyes at times
Making the feeling so dry.

Bundles of literature
Loaded on these patches
Travel across borders
Conveying the message of love
At times gets the speed of a jet
And return
Making the feeling so wet.

Dancing trees
Kissing each other and shying away.
The branches behaving like wings
Trying to hold
The cotton patches
And the patches demonstrating ignorance
Slow and steady in alcoholic speed
Walking off and on, over and above
The fence
Making the feeling so tense.

Questioning united we stand, divided we fall
Falling while getting united
And walking towards the next terminal
To discuss the next move
To the best of their ability
Choosing the right mode
That’s how is
The Clouds’ Abode.

(22nd July 2003 Nongshilliang – Nongthymmai – Shillong – Meghalaya)