Saturday, April 10, 2010


What is your father?
Which is your country?
You come from which university?
Do you belong to that big city?
I just feel a pity.

They do not stop here and go.
I do not know,
how they dare and know.
I am from a village,
may be not of your age.
Does it matter?
My father is a peasant,
may be illiterate,
it is my fate.
Does it matter?
I studied at University Zhoomri Tallaiya.
You might have studied at Oxford Bhaiya.
But does it matter?
What you are and what am I?
Lets concentrate on it,
Just try.
Be yourself and do not use mask.
If you can, than just you ask,
yourself but not me.
Is it you or thee?
You may reach somewhere.
You may not then dare.

(5th April 1995, Kanglung: Bhutan)