Friday, April 9, 2010


The harvest gets ready
for the season of spring
and the oath taken on the pillar
of a self-made temple
seems to be fulfilled.

Keen for cutting the harvest
and getting ready to take
another oath for the next target
or following self-ruled routine.

Day by day it gets thicker
and thicker, showing
some uneasiness to others,
giving chance to
their non-expressing minds
some expression of thought
‘sir looks desparate’,
I overheard
When I grew beard.

Forgot my own reasons
given to them by me,
by my ownself long back
sometime for my so-called desparateness.

Talking about my eating style
without disturbing my inner self
and outer side showing them
the marks of rich recipes.

Scratching every now and then
and cutting maintenance cost
by manual maintenance.

Do I really look old in you,
I tend to feel when they say so.
Why should they be taken so seriously.
‘Sir is doing another Ph D’
I heard
When I grew beard.

There are lies,
may be a safe place
to roam around
for flies.

Covering my lips
and obstructing many times
for their better optional use.

Hiding a pit covered
all over with grass around.
Releasing words without obstruction
and showing its genuine place.

I have to think a lot
before it gets thicker
and for being able to tell the reason
of its thickness,
of its being thick.

The weather gets cold
and I have got a reason to be told,
Yes for winters
I get geared,
When I grow beard.

Yes I am getting old,
at times I have reasons
to feel desperate
and yes there is an oath
in waiting for her,
I am not BenHur.

Just a person like anybody
with emotions.
I do need expression
and it becomes mode of expression,
of feeling alone,
feeling busy and
with commitment waiting for the dawn.

Still they at times tease
and remind me,
it is getting dense.

But how can I close my ears
to the whispering sound of theirs
‘he needs a close shave’
I overheard,
When I grew beard.

1st August 1999/00:40 night