Saturday, April 10, 2010


It is not that
the Sun would stop lighting
and stars would stop shining.
It is not that
the warmth would cause uneasiness
or the cold would cause more pleasure.

Past can not stay!
Realising this truth - I say,
living in Present -
with pretended satisfaction
and unwilling happiness,
that -
this would give us
light in the day.

Not that my intentions are calculated,
not a penny of that (as a matter of fact).
The devastation of
the Mother Nature would
guide our way to Future.
The Future -
- a cold wave,
- a reaction of an action,
- falling of the blooming flowers
- and shaking of the Earth,
no dearth.
Till when?

The Future –
plantations –
an effort to begin life,
upholding the stem
to the deepest possible corner
without a slightest murmur,
Till when?

Sure -
Past cannot stay!
more than its due age.
past cannot become future,
irrespective of the behaviour of
the Mother Nature.

But sure,
future has to become past,
in all the regions,
and in all the nations.
Please No Miscalculations.

Believe it –
past cannot stay!
Bulls would keep on fighting,
dogs would keep on barking,
birds would not stop chirping,
crows would not stop crowing.

Everybody would keep on working,
every work would go on.
Eating, sleeping, washing, Cleaning,
and so on.

People would grow old,
rain, summer and cold.
It would grow,
whatever we sow.

But still I say -
past cannot stay!

Listening to the pompous voices,
using jargons without choices.
need for an attitudinal change
and a step towards cultural exchange.
Angles of wishes
and salutations.
Habitual of living in
so called rich past,
rich for it’s compelled obedience,
and supportive fence.
Rich for being land-locked,
and not being blocked.
All open
anything anytime,
everything everytime.
All the way,
just think
can Past Stay?

Past cannot become Present.
Present –
taller trees,
polluted rivers,
wider roads,
diluted covers.
Medicated filtered water,
for so called better life
and better future.
Procrastinating the arrival of tomorrow.
Flowering ideas and vision,
hippocratic behaviour and mission.
Smiling face
while keeping crying heart.
Showing happiness
while being sad.
Claiming bachelor-hood
while being Dad.
Till when?
Till then –
I say –
Even present cannot stay!
Present can never be future.
But when would future be Present?
Our own future
not very personal
but very selfless
and eternal.

(31st March 1999 - Exam duty in MPH with Antony. 9:30 to 11:45 am)