Saturday, April 10, 2010


Emotional Heaven of Physical satisfaction
Proportional gain of Manual experimentation
Tempting backs and smiling hints
Filling pots, leaving no footprints.

Deriving pleasure of life
In the absence of a wife
Laughing up and laughing down
Management makes you a better clown.

Full satisfaction, no production
Emotional Heaven needs to have must introduction.

(31st May, Exam duty 9 to 12 AM in MPH with U Pelgen & Paul, at 11:30 am, Shercol: Kanglung: Bhutan)

The words 'Emotional Heaven' were used by Lhato Jamba in the farewell speech for Mr Somnath on 30th May 2000 and further he added that Mr Somnath provided him Emotional Heaven which one usually gets from ladies. Some colleagues understood it as some indication of being gay.