Saturday, April 10, 2010


Men of Tomorrow and Tomorrow is Earth Day,
Sickle like Moon and what not to pray.
Seventy Two percent we have forest coverage,
Let us conserve beyond average.
Development, conservation and talk of acid rain,
Let’s join hands and not let it go in drain.

Chirping of the birds and there is Ozone Layer,
Polluted water and the stream, still fair.
Long long trees and long long saws,
Black necked crane and crocodile’s jaws.

Jumping monkeys and dumping dolls,
Smoking factories and crying polls.

Singye Karm deserves luck, better than the best,
What is our role, let’s just have test.

[College auditorium at 9 PM on 21st April 2000, on the eve of World’s Earth Day during a debate competition organized by Singye Karm (Nature club of Sherubtse College, Bhutan), I was one of the judges.]