Saturday, April 10, 2010


Unlike before,
being the same body
And soul,
as before.
when there is no sleep
in eyes.
Turning right,
turning left,
Marking the eye on the cleft.
Keeping the head,
in and out the quilt,
on and off the pillow,
far off
from the eyes' glow.

Conditioning the body,
for the nights ahead,
and the days,
far behind.
Preparing the bed,
for the weight ahead,
and the sound,
far behind.
Building a Room -
Room inside room,
for sharing happiness
And sorrows
within that room,
not beyond.
Without keeping the eyes,
Full of pond.

From sleepless nights,
to dreamless nights,
The Transition is
Full of Imagination
and Expectation,
Full of commitment
and sacrifice,
And of Devotion too.

2nd Dec 1998 at 3:35pm Exam duty in MPH with Ganguli