Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Realism –
shadow of a being,
retailing values,
jumping in and out my head.

Just thinking about
climbing on a fir tree,
trekking on snow-clad mountains,
zigzag roads without end,
creeping over and under my bed.

Rethinking out and out
quizzically about,
existence, means and
deeply about,
uneducated educated,
confidently about,
irruption of corruption,
stealing off and on my bread.

Starting a bout
of reconciliation lesson,
of realisation lesson,
of betraying corruption,
flicking the so-called fad.

Idealism to reality,
Searching for an Oracular,
Lasting values without an end,
And Becoming Valued.

(27th Feb 1997, Kanglung: Bhutan)