Friday, April 9, 2010


The expression of Love
need no words,
having no language of its own.
But it turns them down
when it is shown.

The very feeling
brings the two together,
when the eyes speak
without uttering a single word,
without any physical advances,
even without chances.
When the eyes speak.

The cascade,
That beautiful lake beside.
An island addressing the two,
side by side.

Penetrating my body
with the sound of love
and unknown breeze,
again the same sound of love,
no voice, no noise.

Speaking to my Love in eyes.
Eyes can speak no wrong,
though without words.
Eyes can express
nothing but Love.
Eyes can see no evil,
evil of action.

My dark brown eyes,
express something,
I wish it never dies.

(12th Sept 1997 at 11:45pm)
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