Saturday, April 10, 2010


With both of my hands folded,
And the deepest of the deep of my heart wide open,
May I welcome, our family members back home here in the Sherubtse family.
I welcome you from the heat of summers,
To the rain and showers.
Heat does not cheat with the near and dear ones,
Rain does not drain with not so near and dear ones.
Willows of Wet Weeping Cyprus and that of Pine,
Welcome you home with some pious drops of old wine.
Lucky friends had an auspicious ride,
I am sure, you must all have enjoyed.

Every session, every new academic year, every season of rain,
Sherubtse feels fresh, becomes richer, in quantum and volume, in totality,
Of its very own version.
Dear, new family members, I welcome you to this sweet home,
Sweet for its environment, sweet for its people,
And sweet for all good-sweet things.
This small learning hub would certainly provide you the atmosphere,
Very positive in thought and very creative in nature.

This session i.e. 2000-2001 would be the first session of this century,
Of this millennium.
This brand new academic year of Sherubtse should promise
The Royal Government of Bhutan,
Of a better quality of education,
Of a better quality of graduates,
Of a better quality of educated citizens, and above all,
Of a better quality of human beings.

Nothing in retrospect,
The euphoria of new thought
For a better and challenging future,
Sherubtse should sail in.
For a better tomorrow of dream,
Sherubtse should sail in.
For the kings of knowledge and serpents of untruth,
Sherubtse should sail in.
For doing the undone, completing the incomplete,
For our good, for their good, for the good of humanity,
Sherubtse should sail in.

We might witness expansion of our boundaries,
Expansion of our wings, our physical boundaries of the campus.
We might witness larger number of new entrants.
We might witness crude constructions and few invisible promotions.
But all this would be of real worth
If we witness the expansion in the horizon of our thought,
Of our thinking.
Our thinking for humanity as a human being,
Just as a plain human being.

NPs and Palas would have to stock more,
Jigmes and Choedas would have to increase the size of the door.
And the prices would accordingly soar.
Little more greenies in the Sunday market,
Affecting not so much my deep pocket.
A projected by-pass from above upper market
To little ahead of Rongthong,
May be just as we have one in Dewothong.
More bricks and more sand,
Good musicians with a proper band.
Good periodicals and better books,
Yes, why not, we might have some very good looks.
Students more, teachers more,
Buildings more, rooms more,
Playgrounds more, coaches more,
Computers more, channels more,
Facilities more, Ngultrums more,
What to do,
Yeh dil maange more.

Tashi Delek