Saturday, April 10, 2010


Standing, moving and sitting,
Chatting, checking and
Sometime sipping.
Knowing, not so well,
The speed of their pen
And the flow of the liquid
From their pen.
While I am standing
Moving and invigilating.

Their dry ink-pots
may intend to convey
The end of pen’s life.
It should not dry up
Continuation is Life.

But I cannot but witness,
their dry faces and wet hair,
their targeting eyes and
the movements of their eyeballs,
their drying pens and pots,
keeping of their pens,
in pen whole,
closing of their boxes,
turning pages to see
the effect of used ink,
and the eyes
without a blink.

I enjoy it
While I am standing,
Moving and invigilating.

(2nd Dec 1998 at 4:10 pm Exam duty in MPH with Ganguli)