Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Farewell poem 1999 batch

Never ending process of learning
demands nothing but attitude
which needs to be developed and nurtured
Not because it is something you lack
but it is something you still have to develop
Skyscrapers may teach you the very basics of it.

Bhagi has to climb high,
she really wants to fly
on horse’s back and cap tight
Bhupen has to be little polite,
when he lifts TT bat and wears woodland kite
Buddhiman needs to cut short his budget,
which he does by a cheaper puppet
Chandra looks all the more mature,
balancing with good muscles
but rude tussles,
walks like a most senior,
must he know the color
Chimmi keeps low, but she isn’t slow,
she may fall sick, by her own pick
Chogyel has to work hard,
even when it is dark
keeping his camera on
touching marina’s prawn
Devi Bhakta has to prove his name,
when he goes to Mahabaleswar’s fame
Dorji Dhap has to keep left,
but let yourself do right even on the cleft
Harka has to divert her stamina from the fields, to the studies
may not be to become sanyasis
Jigme Nidup has more responsibilities
not forgetting his prime duties
cutting short
his habit for his better throat
Jigme Thinley has to change his glasses
if he wants to be with the masses
Jurminla can not be a beggar
or a nescoffee hawker
he is tall enough to change the dough
Kencho looks cool
but cannot be made fool
he is quite reactive even in YMCA captive
Kinley Choppel looks unpredictive,
he needs to be more active
he hides more when he speak
he speaks more when he hides
Kinley Wangchuk is busy studying
what others do not
he looks great in blue shirt
and red cap and what not
He works when others sleep
and he sleeps when others work
he looks quite happy and gay
I mean Kinzang Topgay
Lhaden Lotay has to make friends
following trends
she even does on what others make fuss
Loknath has to share his height
books would make you bright
Norbu looks simple without any dimple
had tough time ones
now he can even beat drums
Pema is solid with short hair
has to build up connections to be fair
Phuntsho wants to become finance minister
forgetting his father mother, brother & sister
Prem has sea-shells around his neck
has power in his reck
smiles like gates
yes I know what he hates
Rinchen makes it great
thinking of her fate
has to be little cool
even when she is in swimming pool
Rinzin looks calm does not need balm
wants to touch heights
would of course make plight
Rudramani makes sound of silences
has beautiful lenses
should express little
otherwise he’d need a pill
Sangay is not serious
at times he is furious
attendance no problem
does he really need to come
Sayden flies high without feeling shy
has already made her way
she can but not may
Sonam Dorji speaks less
as he does in cost, I mean is he lost
Sonam Gyeltshen is selective
which may not be effective
to be precise be wise
Thinley has wide forehead
he can lead but not be led
has a charming face
history he can trace
Tshering has changed a lot
has made a good slot
is devoted
without being voted
Ugyen has an Identity may be praised
RSPN WWF from all he is chased
Vikram does his best
to prove his name in the test
he does it well
with a good smell.

I wish all of you the very best of luck
if you believe in it
May Almighty shower his love
and blessing just to fill your pit.