Friday, April 9, 2010


Blinking stars were all above,
clouds in the waiting,
not to shower,
but to offer,
a cool fulfilling morning.

The murmuring sound,
hissing was everywhere found,
the dreams were being read,
and bellies still to be fed.

Tomorrow would be better
than today.
Who knows,
who would be sad
and who would be gay.

Surmounting pressures
on the heads
and the backs.
Stereotype views
and some
just on the stacks.

Surfacing already squeezed visions,
singing of insects,
face movements,
without caging the actions.

The future -
coffee houses, walkways,
and the learning hub.
Thank god,
we did not dream
of having a pub.

the realisation of present,
devoid of logic and reasoning.
Torn jeans, dancing ponies,
where bushes speak.
Books are secondary
to guitar strings.

Cloudy morning again,
again the pompous language,
the same podium,
the same darkness ,
steady clock tower,
again the same pain.

Waiting for Blue
And cloud free sky.
Taking darkness away.
Blinking stars,
reaching out the Mars.

Of course,
Sky is high.
But we can reach,
if we try…

(29th July 1997 at 8:45 pm in Conference Room during staff meeting. The agenda of the meeting was the vision for Sherubtse)